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Pacific Northwest Power Plan Open for Public Comment

The Northwest Council has approved the Draft Seventh Northwest Power Plan, and the 60-day public comment period began on October 20, 2015. The plan states that increased energy efficiency and demand response plus the increased use of existing natural gas-fired power plants to offset retiring coal-fired power plants offers the Northwest the lowest-cost, lowest-carbon energy future.

Energy efficiency is the highest-priority resource in the Council's power plans, as it provides the most cost-effective and least risky response to the region's growing electricity needs. It also reduces summer and winter peak demand for power and buys time to develop cost-effective alternative sources of carbon-free generation. By acquiring all of the efficiency envisioned in the draft plan and replacing retiring coal-fired generators with no-carbon or low-carbon generation, such as renewable resources or natural gas-fired plants respectively, the region should be able to comply with the EPA's carbon emissions limits, even under low water conditions for hydropower.

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