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  • Study Shows that Climate Change Will Sharply Cut Economic Productivity (11/02/15)
    A new study published in Nature has found that there is a strong relationship between a region's average temperature and its ...
  • Report on Climate Change and Resiliency Risks for Electric Grid (11/02/15)
    The Union of Concerned Scientists recently released a report entitled "Lights Out? Storm Surge, Blackouts, and How Clean Energy Can ...
  • Energy Policy Simulator Tool Released (11/02/15)
    Energy Innovation, a climate change policy think tank, has released an Energy Policy Simulator tool. The tool shows the impact ...
  • DOE Report on Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change (10/19/15)
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  • Report on Business Resilience to Extreme Weather and Other Climate Risks (10/05/15)
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  • Article on Climate Change, Utilities, and DERs (10/05/15)
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  • Climate Change Reducing Water Supply in Seattle (09/21/15)
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  • Climate Change Threatens Grid Reliability in the Southwest (08/31/15)
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  • Hillary Clinton Unveils Climate Agenda (07/27/15)
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  • California: Review of State‚Äôs Climate Goals and Plans (07/27/15)
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