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  • Report on Industrial Energy Efficiency (11/02/15)
    The Pew Charitable Trusts recently released a report entitled, "Cleaner, Cheaper, Stronger: Industrial Efficiency in the Changing Utility Landscape." The ...
  • NASEO Launches Website and Releases Report on State Energy Program (11/02/15)
    The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) recently published a website and report on the State Energy Program (SEP), ...
  • Multi-state Project to Create National Efficiency Registry (11/02/15)
    Several states, led by Tennessee, are working on a national, voluntary log of energy efficiency projects, which could be used to ...
  • Energy Efficiency Rankings Differ Depending on What You Measure (11/02/15)
    Utility Dive reported on 10/21/15 that Wallet Hub recently released a consumption-based energy efficiency survey. The survey looked at two ...
  • Report Analyzes Energy Efficiency Savings Potential (10/05/15)
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  • DOE Posts Better Buildings Conference Presentations (08/31/15)
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  • Webinar on Industrial Efficiency as Compliance Tool for Clean Power Plan (07/27/15)
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  • Report Finds Energy Efficiency Has Improved in Last Three Decades, but Still Room to Grow (07/13/15)
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  • Weatherization Program Cost-Effectiveness Debated (06/29/15)
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  • Pilot Project on Selling Energy Saved from Efficiency (05/18/15)
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